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Star Wars Episode 1: Second Time Around

Posted on the 31 January 2012 by Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
Star Wars Episode 1: Second Time AroundPart 1
February sees the re-release of Star Wars: Episode 1 and I'm feeling the nostalgic vibes already. I'm pretty sure that many film goers won't be sharing my positive thoughts about this film mainly because it didn't do particularly well the first time it was released. Ok, I will admit that I thought the film was flawed but it had an air of quality that far exceeded a few of the other blockbusters of 1999 (The Mummy being one of them). So I thought I would talk about some of the plus points of Episode 1 as well as mention a few of the bad bits. This is the first of a two part blog which will lead up to the release of the film.
Ok, so why am I defending this film. Well the simple answer is because that I kind of like it. I don't think it's the best thing since sliced bread (especially bread that has been sliced by a lightsabre) but the following good points should be pointed out.
1) It had a pretty decent story, one that went that little bit deeper than the average summer blockbuster. Yes, everyone knew that Darth sidious and Senator Palpatine where one and the same but it was nice to see how his story began. Politics played a bit of a part in the story which helped to give the plot more of an adult tone. It was interesting to see palpatine/sidious pull strings to help him gain his position of power.
2) George Lucas likes to push the boundaries of film special effects and Star Wars Episode 1 was no exception. The CGI was first rate and there was a lot going on at any one time. Some would say it was CGI overload but it was necessary in order for the story to be told effectively. The effects were a part of the film, they didn't define the film.
Those are my views on Star Wars Episode 1 so far. Please feel free to make a comment whether you agree or disagree with my opinions. Check out the next part of this blog for more reasons as to why I think Episode 1 wasn't all that bad. May the force be with you. (Sorry, just had to end on a corny note).

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