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Stamped Up Stationary

By Heyimryanhurley @heyimryanhurley

Stamped Up Stationary
Remember when I told you to save that cabbage nubbin' for another day? Probably not, but I did! Today, I'm showing you a few fun stationery ideas made from a couple of everyday household items. No carving required! This is an extremely easy, beginner/kid friendly craft project.Stamped Up Stationary
You'll need:
  1. cabbage base
  2. a couple of wine corks

  3. pen or marker
  4. paint or sponge brush
  5. craft paints
  6. scrap paper and/or blank cards with envelopes
  1. scissors
  2. ruler
  3. double-sided sticky tape

Stamped Up StationaryStamped Up StationaryPaint your color of choice onto your cabbage - not too little and definitely not too much, just a nice thin even layer.Stamped Up StationaryUsing a few scrap pieces of card stock,  a blank white envelope and a blank white card, apply your painted cabbage stamp to your paper, pressing firmly on the end of the cabbage. It looks like a flower!Stamped Up StationaryFor this next part, I repainted it purple and added and few more scrap pieces of paper. Stamp stamp stamp... Let your papers dry. Now I have extra cute pink and purple stationary!
Stamped Up StationaryPersonalize the papers with text:  "To-Do List", "Don't Forget", "From my Kitchen to Yours" (followed by a hand-written recipe), "Groceries", "Thank You"-on the card, "TO" and "FROM"-on the envelope. Or leave it blank and apply a strip of double-sided tape as a quick Post-it style note. I found a great quote I wanted to remember for a project so I jotted it down: "The idea is to die young, as late as possible".  You can also print from your computer to your new stationary, just fill your paper loader with your new (DRY!) sheets. Fully functional and cute!* Extra tid bit: You can wash off your cabbage stump and set it in a glass of water to regrow the cabbage. FREE FOOD!
Stamped Up Stationary

Project #2 uses corks for a polka dot design. Very easy and super cute. Be sure to press down in a circular motion when you stamp to pronounce the roundness of the cork end - making a perfect circle.

Stamped Up Stationary
Space your dots far apart.
Stamped Up Stationary
Or keep them close together. 

Let the paper dry. Cut the page into note-sized scrap or draw lines for easy, go-to, attractive, list paper.Yay easy handmade stationary!
 Punch a hole, add some twine or ribbon and make gift tags or mini photo books. Be on the lookout for other items in your home that you can turn into stamps!  To get you started :Toilet paper rolls make great larger circle outlines, you can cut old sponges into new shapes, and some plastic soda bottles have a simple flower design on the bottom. Or what about all those Silly Bands no one rocks anymore?
Have fun!

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