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Stained Glass Card

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro

Stained Glass Card A candle theme works well for the holidays as so many religions use them to celebrate. This is simply drawing candles and then breaking up the background for a faux stained glass look. 1. Draw one candle in the middle of a sheet of white paper, and then one on either side. The flame was circled for the “glow” and then the background was divided into sections using many different diagonal lines that extended across the paper. 2. Use a thick black Sharpie to trace all the pencil lines. 3. The candles were colored as desired with oil pastels. The flame was colored a “hot” color, and the ring around them yellow, but the other shapes could be any color. 4. When complete, the pastel drawing was glued to a larger sheet of black paper.
Thanks to Kevin M., a talented 1st grader who has allowed me to share his art with my readers. Keep drawing and coloring Kevin!

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