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“Stained Glass” Bowl

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
“Stained Glass” BowlKids these days are so lucky to have such cool new art materials coming out all the time. I recently found something called “Scratch Art-Clear Scratch Film” that can be used in so many ways. This idea comes from the one of the lesson plans on the website.1. Locate some inexpensive glass bowls or jars (I found mine at a 99 cent store). Look for anything that has a cylinder shape and not angled to keep the film wrapping simple.
2. Cut panels from the letter-size Scratch Art-Clear Scratch Film sheets that are the height of the glass container. I actually had to piece two sections together for this project because the length needed was more than 11", but careful taping with small bits of clear tape worked fine.
3. I gave leftover swatches to students to practice drawing on, and then gave them final strips and a wooden stylus (stick). Emphasize that there should be lots and lots of lines in their artwork, no matter what subject they decide to draw.
4. When the drawings are complete, the film is turned over to it's shiny side and colored in with Sharpie markers. The brighter colors work best.
5. Lastly, the panel is wrapped around the glass container and taped together on the inside.
This very cool bowl was made by Aiden, a 1st grader.

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