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Stabilizing Your Pelvis

By Healingyoga

Lately, I've had a hitch in my giddy up. I've got a hip/lower back/Sacrum/Psoas (and I'll throw in the IT Bands for good measure) thing going on. In the spirit of physician heal thyself (or in this case, yoga therapist heal thyself), I've decided to get serious about working on it.

It's ironic really, as a friend of mine was experiencing some serious pain that went undiagnosed by her doctor and could have been attributed to sciatica, lower back/sacrum/psoas issues. I worked with her a bit and sure enough, non-traditional stuff helped (as well as time). Now I find myself doing for myself what I helped another do.

In a nutshell, I've gotten up close and personal with my pelvis. I've focused on stabilization, stretching and strengthening. Here are some resources for you to help you do the same:

And one thing to remember when dealing with a hitch in your giddy up -- patience and persistance are key. 

Namaste (or should I say giddyup!)!

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