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SSU Home : I Added Some Knick Knacks to My Room

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc
 I keep doing a lot of stuff in my house and proudly call it a DIY project. I try to take pictures and think of posting them some day but I always end up thinking that they are not perfect or it won't look good on blog. What is blog anyways? To do what you like and showcase what you do. If someone likes good-for-you. If someone doesn't then also it's good-for-you. So just protecting my latter thought and posting these pictures I recently took.
- I love to store bottles?
- I love to store anything broken?
- I love to store shoe boxes?
- I love to keep torn clothes and small fabric pieces?
- I secretly want to pick driftwoods?
- I also want to pick and store rocks, pebbles and materials made of iron?
- I hate discarding anything?
- I love to give makeovers to everything (except myself)?
- It's 3.20AM in the morning and I am glued to my laptop?
So, now you know that I am a certified waste-keeper. Let's continue with the original topic what I added to my room:

A metal tray on my room's door.

SSU Home : I Added Some Knick Knacks to My RoomIn this picture - brown door (came as a gift with my room after my marriage), Metallic Tray with Antique Finish (my thrifted treasure)

I piled on some wood, color and flowers on computer table.

A little story behind this computer table. Isn't it a fact that every room has one such corner or place which is CURSED to be always cluttered, messy and crappy? This table is that place in my room. always cluttered with car keys, some stupid papers, my scrunchies, remote, almond bottle, books, magazine etc. All of these little "things" have their own place but we love to pile them on at one cursed place in our house.
So I jumped with joy when i found an antique looking wooden box with a drawer. Sales man admitted with disgust on his face, "Ma'm, pata nahin kaun-kaun se hero ki picture thi, maine sab phaar diya aur ye ab aisa dikhne laga". I appreciated him, "Buhot achcha kiya bhaiya aapne". This box looks like this sans pictures of heroes. An instant decision to get rid of the clutter and FREE our computer table.
SSU Home : I Added Some Knick Knacks to My Room
SSU Home : I Added Some Knick Knacks to My Room
SSU Home : I Added Some Knick Knacks to My RoomIn pictures - A DIY vase - whisky bottle, artificial paper flowers, sticks, iron tray and wooden box - all bought from Lajpat Nagar market.
Hope you enjoyed. This post might not be up to the mark as other lifestyle websites but you need to start somewhere. and remember "it's always too soon to quit!!"=====================================================Disclaimer: For any queries, PR information, website review, store visit and events - please mail me at [email protected]. Read about Shopping, Style and Us and to know more, please read my Disclosure Policy.
Jiya (Shoppingaholic)

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