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Squirrel Monkey

By Golfrefugees
If you were going to start a new sportswear brand which animal would you use to be your logo?
Golf Refugees have come up with the ‘squirrel monkey’ as they are free spirited and belong in the wild. This sounds like a good marketing line to us.
We’re going to conduct some intense market research this year and ask fans if they’d like to swap Pumas for Squirrel Monkeys?
To compete with established sport brands; here is Squirrel Monkey's business plan.
Obviously we will manufacture in the country with the lowest wages and where garment workers can be kept under control by force when necessary. Use many toxic chemicals including hormone disruptors and have a complete disregard for the environment.
Squirrel Monkey will sponsor leading sport stars to help build a positive brand image and write some PR blah blah in the form of a letter which can be placed in our supply chain factories setting out our ‘values and production standards’ which naturally they can all ignore.
We can’t be fairer than that.

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