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Spring/Summer Chosen For Publication 2012.

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless
Home | Current Issue | Submissions | Masthead | About Us | Archive Issue Two - Spring/Summer 2012 Canto 13 by Anna Rashe Too Close for Comfort by Curtis SternitzkyNorth of Paradise by LD Novick Fruit Worth Tasting by Samuel D. Huntington Andy by Luis Chavez, Jr. Nietzsche and Me by Hannah Minick Eclipse by Nichole Denise Massa Shoes by Karina Sokulski The Perfect Wife by Curtis Craig Chucked Chucks by CJ Doiron Flying by Jessica Frazier Stuffed Animal Suicide Tea Party by Kelly Sowell La Calle by Bryant Byrd Dangerous: A Tale of a Rock Star by Roberto Hernandez Coherence by Kyle Piper Grandfather's Hat by James Pryor Particularly Cognizant by Robert Delaney Mind Walk by Mark Skinner P.L.U.R. by Sarah Ehninger

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