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Diary Ten Year’s Ago.

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless

Jimmy is cute but not someone at least presently I have any interest in fucking, we live one street away from each other and my friends hang out with him and know him really well.
So Jimmy and I went through the awkward steps of no eye contact formal agreements to the future dance where no one would dance (not until the light shows began at the after party without the before party).
Later on I got to know Jimmy and he ended up being pretty cool, and while I don’t regret or have a scar of the experience Jimmy was not my friend he was just a dude who I didn’t know who lived across the street.
His family did have an accent for sure but anyway, so I wanted to have sex with Jon a lot one summer when I discovered that sex was something that was real and the jokes about it on friends were starting to slowly connect into clearer representations of how sex is based on feelings more than emotional.
Anyway so Jon would ride over on his bike after phone conveys stimulated by noon until three pm episodes of Jerry Springer while on the phone.

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