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Grammar Correction on the Verge of a New Frontier: Tech Prose Instead of My Friends.

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless

In a more grammar friendly prose, my verse will continue…… this is for mister Belvedere down there who’s complaining about the grammar.  I decided to make this a poetic justice I would like to call,  “If it wasn’t for that open sewer, I could still be with white apples.”

The IPhone5 was once my favorite apple from the highest tree.  Then I  saw it fly mid air one night away from the grasp I felt was worth a clutch.  As a sign  from the hands of a drunk chick;  who was  wasted and on a land with open cement sewers.  The fast food parking lot sucked the iPhone5 I thought I lost my class…… then I realized I was a product expert and tested the little green thing.


Alas! To my suprise It was so much better?  Low class?  Low end?  But no!  The high end of the apple tree was green.  A 713.00 loss lay dead inside the cement drain it’s twin is in a box of memories labeled pop culture. Phenomenal things I don’t want to see again unless eBay calls in my future dreams, or I see and open sewer. 


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