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Spring Has Sprung... Literally!

By Leavesandstems @leavesandstems
I spent this afternoon in my garden.
The spring sun was shining and as I wandered around the garden, I found so many suprises to share. Spring has Sprung... Literally!
Snow Peas and Peas
Spring has Sprung... Literally!I excited about my new vegie garden, We now have the best Land Lord who was so kind & let us build a raised garden bed, we made it out of recycled roofing iron... I am going to paint it the same color as the house this weekend (just to make it look pretty!) At the moment I have LOTS and LOTS of Garlic growing, White Globe Onions, Spring Onions & the Potato Foliage is just starting to grow! I have just transplanted my Strawberry plants from their pot and I am looking forward to putting in Tomatos later in the month as well as some lettuce really soon! I also have a variety of Herbs
Spring has Sprung... Literally!My Pink Hydrangea is sprouting with lush foliage!
Spring has Sprung... Literally!This makes me so happy!!
I found this Japonica smothered by another shrub in early winter and pruned the other shrub back...
The results, beautiful!
Spring has Sprung... Literally!

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