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Spring Has Finally Sprung

By Chooksandroots @chooksandroots

Pottering around in the garden today, I noticed a couple of things that were worthy of a photo, and signify that spring most definitely has sprung. The sightings of frogs ‘doing their thing’ all around the garden must be coming to an end – we now have frogspawn. The clever things have hidden it in the most sheltered part of the pond, so hopefully it won’t become an easy lunch for the fish.

And it’s not just the wildlife that’s springing into action. The Viburnum is flowering…

Spring has finally sprung

So is the Berberis:

Spring has finally sprung

And the Acer is starting to bud


And last, but not least, the purple sprouting broccolli looks like it will be ready to start picking very soon – I hope we like it, as there appears to be loads of sprouts on their way…

Spring has finally sprung

Hurray for spring!

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