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Spring Fling with Florals

By Mod31

Spring Fling with Florals

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s a bright day today and I’m feeling the florals. I was also trying out braiding my hair, which I never do. This wasn’t a very strong attempt, though. I think soon, I will attempt Katniss’s braids from The Hunger Games. Seeing as how I’m pretty hairstyle inept, I can’t tell you if it will be a success.

Spring Fling with Florals

Modest girl confession: This dress was from back in the day when, again, modesty was not a priority for me. It’s actually barebacked (a very common look in a lot of my old clothes). But I really like the skirt part and the floral prints and did not want to throw it out. I figure since today is a bit chilly still (low 60s….), I can layer a sweater over it and no one’s the wiser. Unless they read about it here, that is. Point is, modest outfit out of a not-so-modest dress! Think twice before you throw something away, people.

Spring Fling with Florals

Can I also just tell you how much I love these fuchsia flats? And bought for $7 at a Target clearance a couple years ago. Score! I will be very sad when the day comes when these are thoroughly worn out. Today’s not that day, though.

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you’re ready for a brand new week of work/school/family.

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