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Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Business Owners

Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

The official first day of spring was March 20th, but in some areas of the country, spring temperatures haven’t quite yet set in. Regardless of the temperature, it is still a great time to break out the feather duster and do some spring cleaning for your small business.

A good spring cleaning for your small business invigorates your employees and equipment for Q2. Spring is the time when new life grows and thus, it is the perfect time for new business to grow as well. While the garden outside is ready to spring green from the dirt, it’s time to get your business ready to spring green for the bank. These small business tips will help you freshen up for spring:

Spring cleaning tips for the office

  • As a small business owner, it is particularly necessary to keep your paperwork organized. Throw away extraneous junk from your desk and file paperwork that is likely important.
  • Call in the window washers! During the winter, snow and rain can seriously cloud up your windows. It makes a huge difference to have clean windows in an office, both inside and out. Clear sunlight shining through your windows can improve office productivity.
  • Another small business tip is to clean up your bulletin board. When you continuously add notes and employee Christmas photos to the board, it quickly becomes a big board of junk! Remove inessential items and start anew for spring.
  • Consolidate your desktop and email inbox. Organize your folders, delete your trash, and archive your old emails. Your computer will run faster and it will be easier to find things.

Spring cleaning tips for your fleet vehicles

  • Get a car wash. Before you go to the local wash, get rid of old coffee cups, soda cans, and food wrappers. Remove personal items so that the washers can clean everything in the interior. Don’t forget the ‘Freshly Cut Grass’ air freshener!
  • Check all vehicles’ tires. Though this check should be done monthly, sometimes in the winter months it is easily forgotten or pushed off. Rough driving conditions and salty roads can really do some damage, so don’t forget to be tire smart!
  • Replenish all fluids for your vehicles. Double check levels of motor oil, transmission fluids, brake fluids and washer fluids. Fleetmatics offers maintenance alerts to help keep track of dates that service was last performed.
  • Do a light check. Make sure all the headlights, taillights and interior lights are all in working condition.

Fleetmatics wishes your small business a very fruitful Spring 2014! What does your company do to prepare for spring? Tell us your tips for small business owners in the comments.

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