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Spring Butterfly | NOTD

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab

Spring butterfly | NOTD   A'up gorgeous girlies (and boyos)   I say spring butterfly, but I'm guessing if you're from the UK you'll know full well that we're apparently still in the dead of winter! - Uni has been cancelled today due to the snow, so I'm currently sat in Caffe Nero waiting for my second shift at Mango, Trinity Leeds to start! - Did anyone go to the Trinity opening? The Henry Holland dress was amazeballs!!!   I posted a few days a go about the vintage polka-dot nails I picked up for a £1 in Primarni, & these are the second pair I have tried out. I wanted a pair of subtle coloured nails for my first day at work & these really have impressed me. They're so delicate and pretty, & I'm actually really impressed with Primark. I mean yes, ok, the glue is shocking, but for £1 you can't expect miracles.. BUT if you invest in some decent glue they last a fair few days.
I put these on Monday morning before my first induction at Trinity, and they have lasted through training, uni and a shift at work without flicking off once. (Although one did fall off in the shower last night.. But 3 solid days without any chipping is pretty darn good!)   Have you tried Primark false nails before? & if you went to the Trinity Leeds opening, what did you think?
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