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Spotlight On: Elizabeth Locke

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

A truly modern woman, Elizabeth Locke has spent her life educating herself in the finest institutions around the world on subjects including art, literature and gemology. With a passion for Italian style, it was only natural that Elizabeth Locke would focus her jewelry line on the classic elements of ancient Rome and other bygone empires, and her southern refinement inspired a tasteful re-imagining of these periods in her handcrafted, high-end collections.

Spotlight On: Elizabeth Locke

The Elizabeth Locke jewelry line combines the elegance and unadulterated luxury of the past with the modern tastes of today’s buyers. Using 19 karat gold and a selection of the finest precious and semi precious stones in the world, every piece embodies timeless fashion.

Chrysoprase Ring Elizabeth Locke, chrysoprase ring, green ring

A Well Traveled Childhood

Discovering the impetus for Elizabeth Locke’s singular take on jewelry design is as simple as following her upbringing. Full of life from the very beginning, the young Elizabeth absorbed the world insatiably, studying, traveling and exploring Italy, England and America. Her southern roots in Virginia’s farmland grounded her and developed her appreciation for hard work. Europe’s art, literature and culture expanded her awareness of a global desire for classic and cultivated pieces. But, it was in Manhattan that she learned how to succeed in business.

A Standout Collection

Though the Elizabeth Locke jewelry collection includes numerous exceptional pieces, it’s the enchanting Venetian glass rings, pendants, charms and earrings that will capture your attention. Essentially similar to cameos or classic stone reliefs, the detailed portraits subtly pop up from the material and are noticeably unlike any other jewelry you’ve ever seen.

Elizabeth Locke’s collection is, like the woman herself, bold, striking and world-wise. These are pieces for confident women who are ambitious, lively and strong. Utilizing high quality materials, fashionable inspirations and iconic styles, these are the accessories that will take you from the classroom to the boardroom.

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