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Spotlight On: December Birthstone Zircon

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Many people place a certain significance in birthstones, knowing your birthstone can be a great way to accessorize your wardrobe, show others what your birth month is, and even make a statement. Though there are three birthstones associated with December, tanzanite, turquoise, and zircon, Zircon is the focus of this discussion.

Greenish Blue Zircon

via GIA

Brief History:

Zircon is derived from the Arabic words zar and gun meaning gold and color. Though the most traditional color for a zircon stone is a light blue, the stone comes in a wide range of colors including yellow, orange, green, colorless, red, and brown. Though blue is beautiful, red is the most rare and prized color of all. Zircon is often used as a substitute for diamond, hence cubic zirconium. In folk tales the stone zircon gives the wearer the ability relieve pain, whet appetites, cure and protect from disease and injury and even insure a warm welcome from travelers. Folk lore claims that this stone is incredibly powerful but one thing is for sure, it is terribly beautiful. This stone was often used in folk lore because of its ready availability. As a stone that is not terribly rare, it is also quite affordable for those looking to purchase either loose stones or pieces featuring this icy blue stone.

Uses for the Stone:

This stone is often found in areas of Cambodia, Thailand and Southern Vietnam. The icy blue of the stone mimics the frigid temperatures in December, the beauty of ice and snow, and the tranquility of the winter months. Zircon is often used in conjuncture with diamond and other colorless stones as they work well with one another. Because the stone is so light in color, it often looks nearly colorless even when it is truly blue. This stone can be used in any number of birthstone oriented jewelry. Rings, pendants, bracelets, and more are all beautiful when zircon is the featured stone. These stones can be paired or worn individually and are stunning when added to multi colored jewelry to create a rainbow effect. This stone is commonly used in jewelry as an inexpensive alternative to pricey diamonds. This stone is also beautiful when used in solitaire settings as a birthstone feature.

Other Uses for Zircon:

Though the most common use of this brilliant stone is of course in jewelry applications, it is also the most important ore of a rare element called hafnium. This element is used in industrial settings and is often derived from the stone as it is almost always present in considerable amounts in zircon. Zircon can also be used in tools like stud finders and more. This stone is very versatile, useful, and beautiful stone that is common enough to be somewhat inexpensive in retrospect. Zircon is also used for its chemical properties.

Zircon is great for anyone that wants a beautiful, easy, and simple stone that still has a bit of colorful pop. Because it is blue, this stone adds a bit of color to just about any outfit and is perfect for those looking for a sparkly little stone that is beautiful and reasonably priced overall.

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