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Sporadic Tangent Friday!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

You guys… can I just say… I <3 You. Seriously.

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You all keep coming back despite my lack of commenting on your own blogs. I’m so bad at time management these days. You also keep leaving me the best, most funniest, sweetest comments. I feel so virtually loved! Then I meet some of you at blog meet ups or through designing stuff for your sights and I feel like I know you. You guys are the best.

I’ve been drinking coffee like it’s the world’s life source lately. I subscribe to the thinking that excessive amounts of caffeine isn’t bad for you and will not ruin your life.

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I’ve also been getting my dark chocolate a day no problem!

My stomach and intestines are the best they’ve been in probably 3 years right now. Life’s grand. So I’m not changing anything in hopes of keeping the beast contained and happy.

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I had my first Mexican food in over 2 weeks yesterday! Holy Heaven! I missed it so much. I cannot live without my chips and salsa.

Max and I have decided (after watching True Grit) to not use contractions anymore when speaking.

You are not La-Beef!

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I ate that entire basket of chips (x2… shhhh, they didn’t bring me my own basket that I hoarded in the corner and wouldn’t share with anyone…). I have chosen to forget that moment in my life because I am actually pretty embarrassed about it now.

I’ve taken the last two days off fitness. My muscles were feeling really tired. All the running, ellipticaling, and conditioning with the basketball team was starting to wear me out! I slept so hard the last three nights I think I could build a cabin with all the logs I’ve been sawing.

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I drank a couple, very classy glasses of chardonnay last night while watching Project Runway and Dawson’s Creek Season 3.

Can I just confess right now that I LOVE Dawson’s Creek and I want to go back and live in the 90’s. Except for the huge clunky shoes… that part was bad.

Current Productivity Hindering Obsession: Pocket Frogs!!!!

photo (2) photo photo (1)


For. Real.

I’m considering joining PFA… pocket frogs anonymous. :oops:

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