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Spook-Tacular Halloween Home Tour

By Adrienne Boswell @chiccalifornia1
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Spook-Tacular Halloween Home Tour

Halloween Home Tour by Chic California

There have been a few spooky additions to the fall decorating that I shared with you on my fall home tour. Would I skip decorating for Halloween if I didn’t have two boys who think Halloween might just be the best thing since well…. Christmas. Probably! We have entered the age where the scarier, the better for them. But I’m just too scared for that stuff. I like cute ghosts, sparkly skulls and friendly skeletons. And since I am head decorator of this house, I win! And you win too because you get to check out my Halloween decorations and the Halloween decorations of 14 of my amazing blogger friends.

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Chic California Halloween Home Tour

I recruited a new friend to help out with our front porch pumpkin sale. The kids decided that his name is Steve and they are sure to give him a high-five every morning on the way out to the door to school. And this is California so he needed a cool pair of shades.

Chic California Halloween Home Tour

Here is your first glimpse of the glitter! I want people to know what they are getting themselves into right when they come in the door. And it’s also a convenient place for witches to leave their brooms!

Halloween Home Tour from Chic California

Spooky things are happening on my entry table. I love the glowing eyes of the skeleton that I found at home goods. That’s about as scary as I can handle!

Halloween Home Tour from Chic California

Told you there was lots of glitter! And poison, lots of poison.

Black Widow glass glitter spider by Chic California

This Black Glass Glitter spider has turned a bit red as it has aged and I think it looks even more like a Black Widow now. Deadly!

Halloween Home Tour from Chic California

I made some quick changes to the mantel by moving a few pumpkins around for some more Spooky decor. And this is really weird, but after I took this pic, I heard a noise and found this little spooky sign on the ground in pieces. I’m pretty sure a ghost did it!

Halloween Tour by Chic California

Another mantel addition. Fits right in and after Halloween I can take it down and my Fall Chalkboard behind it is good to go till Thanksgiving!

Halloween Decor from Chic California

Attention witches! You can leave your broom at the front door, but you must check your hat here!

Halloween Witches Hat Check by Chic California I found this idea in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine a few years ago. I picked up the hats at the dollar store and decorated them with tulle, feathers and scrapbooking spiders. And then I printed the labels from here.

Glass Glitter decor from Chic California

These spiders just pop up out of no where! I hate spiders but I’m ok if glass glitter spiders hang out in my house! You can see how to make these yourself right here.

Halloween decor from Chic California

I’m not afraid of these red-eyed skeletons at all! They fit right into my Fall Home Tour decor.

Halloween Home Tour

I bought these little skeletons from a crafty fellow vendor at The Spotted Cow where I have my retail space. They are perfect for my house with their music page collars and crowns. The vintage touch makes me happy, and the glowing eyes make my boys happy.

Vintage Photagraphs by Chic California

Pretty sure this character attended Hogwarts! I have a fascination with vintage photos. I am always picking them up and wondering the story behind these folks. They just seem perfect for Halloween too. Simply adding some scrapbooking stickers really livens them up a bit! You can see how I did it here. (Don’t judge the poor quality of the photos, it was one of my very first blog posts!)

How to decorate with Vintage Photos by Chic California

You can tuck these photos in anywhere!

Vintage Photos for Halloween by Chic California

I hope that these mystery people aren’t offended from beyond the grave. I actually treasure these photos, so I hope they would love how I have given their pics new life. I haven’t received any messages from beyond to convince me otherwise! But if these photos ever start to rearrange themselves or something like that, I’ll let you know.

Halloween Decor by Chic California #vintage photos

These ladies are my favorites! You can just tell that they are up to something or have a secret! A coven of witches perhaps? Mixing up secret potions in large black cauldrons? Casting spells all over their town? They’ll never tell!

DIY poison bottles by Chic California

And finally, I switched out my antique bottle collection on my window ledge for something a little more dangerous. If you come to my house and I offer you a glass of wine, you better check your glass for spiders, frogs or snake venom!

That’s all for my tour, but don’t stop here. Hop around and check out a few more tours. If you are anything like me, you love to check out other people’s homes. Here’s your chance to do it without peeping in the windows!


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