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Sponsored Post: Love Creates Beauty Not Only on Valentine’s Day

By Fashion Addicted Foodies @fashionfoodi

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This is a short story how girl met boy. It was a long hot summer way back when. Girl was gathered with a group of friends on a beach. There was a fire pit roaring – almost as loud as laughter. Burgers were hot off the barbie and wine coolers (I did say this was way back when, didn’t I?) were chilled. Early evening wind was blowing girl’s long blonde hair onto her face. Once again girl lifted her hand and tried to tuck it behind her ears thinking why, oh why, was her hair a messy tangled web of unmanageable curls. Girl happened to glance over where friends of friends were joining the party. And there was THE boy with his unruly almost black longish hair and slightly crooked smile. As the evening grew longer they talked and laughed. Then talked some more. They took a long walk on the beach gathering seashells.

On their first Valentine’s Day together boy gave girl a framed picture of the seashells they had gathered on the beach that first night. Love creates beauty.

When girl and boy moved into their first apartment. Boy painted the kitchen as bright yellow as the sun. Love creates beauty?

After girl’s father became ill and passed away boy tried to cheer her up by making pancakes (and omelettes!) with smiley faces. Love creates beauty.

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Times changed. Girl changed. Boy changed. Boy moved away. Girl become redhead with a pixie cut.  Girl got a job where she traveled all over the world. Then girl went back to being blonde, but somehow just could not forget about the boy.

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Years later the same group of friends gathered on the same beach for a sort of reunion. This time burgers were still hot from the barbie, but no wine coolers – instead champagne was chilling on the ice. Girl was now a brunette with long and manageable soft curls. Girl’s hair still got messy in the warm evening wind. Girl was sitting by the fire – laughing at a joke of a friend she had not seen for years – when she saw from the corner of her eye a faintly familiar looking boy approaching. There was the boy – with a bit greyer and shorter hair, a bit more serious but still with sparkle of laughter in his eye. It was THE boy. Girl and boy talked, laughed and took a long walk on the beach. It was like no time had passed at all.

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When girl and boy moved in together boy made girl a picture with a heart made from the sand from their beach. Love creates beauty.

When girl and boy moved into their first house boy planted a lemon tree on the backyard. Love creates beauty.

On Valentine’s Day boy gave girl a puppy who then tore down the tiny lemon tree. Boy replanted the lemon tree (and two more just in case). Love recreates beauty.

When girl’s and boy’s baby girl was on first grade she made lemonade from the lemons from the lemon trees for her whole class. Love creates beauty time after time.

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Love Creates Beauty Not Only on Valentine’s Day!

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