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Sponsored Video: What Goes into a McDonald’s Burger

By Fashion Addicted Foodies @fashionfoodi

McDonalds Burger MAIN FAF

Burgers and summer go together like gin and tonic. Like sweet and sour. Like curry and rice. You get the meaning, right! I love a good burger. I worship an amazing burger. If I am feeling productive I make burgers at home and sometimes if I am feeling very creative I make burgers with odd combinations like goat cheese and dulce de leche, which proved to be a hit despite of the horrified looks on my friends’ faces.

Burger 3 FAF

I am a lifelong McDonals burger-enjoyer. If I am presented with a choice of fast food burger places I do usually end up ordering a cheeseburger at McDonalds. Throughout the years I have come to trust that it will taste good each time. And now McDonalds has launched a campaign to let us know that what matters with McDonald’s burgers is not what McDonalds adds into their beef, it’s what McDonalds leaves out. Check out this video to see that goes into a McDonalds burger.

Quick, tasty and reliable are the words I would use to describe McDonalds. Sadly I must admit that my local McDonalds did quit (Whaat??!!) a while ago, which has lessened my trips to McDonalds. But at the same time it has become more of a treat as when I spot McDonalds whilst shopping I feel like cherishing the simple pleasure of eating a McDonalds burger.

Burger 4 FAF

A burger is an essential part of a summer barbecue or a beach party. A juicy and cooked just right beef patty. A soft and a little bit crusty on the top burger bun with a tiny hint of sweetness. Fresh cut tomatoes, red onion and lettuce. A melt in your mouth cheese slice. A selection of basic condiments to put on the burger in the order your current mood demands – ketchup, mayo and mustard. And don’t forget about that perfectly salty and crunchy pickle. Yum! That’s a simple and yet the perfect burger for me!

Burger 2 FAF

Check out McDonalds online, on Twitter and on You Tube.

This post was brought to you with McDonald’s but all thoughts, reviews and opinions are our own.

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