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Weekend Tunes: Brandon Flowers

By Fashion Addicted Foodies @fashionfoodi

brandon flowers

The sophomore album is always a Killer. Either you try to hit the mark with more of the same which made you successful in the first place, or you try to change course and show some versatility. Both of which can be a “damned if you do or damned if you don’t” scenarios.  In a lengthy BBC interview Brandon Flowers refers to his solo sophomore album as the second album The Killers should’ve made. Remember when The Killers broke out they were quite sleek and poppy with a bit of an indie edge? And then they released Sam’s Town and it was a bit oh….they gone rock now. Well, that rock served Brandon and the rest of the Killers fellas just fine. Stadiums were filled, hits were released and they still are the best band ever to come out of Las Vegas.  But in comparison to The Killers “Sam’s Town”, Brandon’s second solo effort The Desired Effect feels almost small. Intricate and delicate. It’s 1980s in 2015. Interesting  Brandon feels this is the album The Killers should’ve made.  I Can Change (For You) samples Bronski Beat. Bronski Beat!! How effin’ cool is that?!? This could easily be the soundtrack to St Elmo’s Fire 2.0. All the longing, the romance, the unrequited loves are here. I am transported. Hear the need glisten in steely determination.

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