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Spoilers: Sookie & Eric, Tara & Naomi And Everyone Else

Posted on the 31 July 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright


These are the days that I had cable or knew someone who had cable. Ah, the joys of moving to a new city where you know absolutely no one. Ah well, thank God for spoilers!

  • In this week’s episode of our favorite vampire-loving television show, it seems that a lot of Sookie/Eric stans will finally get what they want – outside of the usual Alexander Skarsgaard nude shots. That’s right, kids – the pair finally hooks up. Of course, Bill doesn’t like that and will probably try harder to get Eric sentenced to the True Death but I mean, normal Eric or puppy dog Eric – what woman would say no?
  • Naomi hunts down Tara and finds out more about her than she ever would have guessed. Of course, she doesn’t take kindly to Tara hiding her real life from her. Even though, I doubt she would have been able to pull Naomi’s sexy self if she told her the real deal – I mean, Tara has been through some thangs.  At first, the two get a little physical, courtesy of Naomi’s temper but that later dissolves into a fantastic make out scene.

Outside of that:

  • Jason is not a werepanther – yet. He does continue to have sexy dreams about Jessica, though. It appears that Hoyt won’t be catching any breaks this season.
  • Bill is still Bill, what else is there to say?
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