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Split Hair Dont Care - TRESemme Split Hair Repair

By Fashionfactive
I was so happy to receive the TRESemme shampoo and conditioner duo earlier this week . I have been meaning to try this specific split end shampoo since ages. And three washes later I am here to rant about this amazing product . I cannot deny that I have been a big fan of salon washed and blow dried hair and I still am.But there are days when you just don't find the time or the energy to go to the salon just for a hair wash .  So , I  have been on the look out for a product that can take care of my hair problems (Split ends) + give a salon finished look to my hair since ages and finally I have found a match.
Split Hair Dont Care - TRESemme Split Hair Repair
The shampoo + conditioner duo has been designed to fight split ends and therefore in my case have a direct impact on frizz. The formula claims 96% split end reduction and I have crossed my fingers tightly. I have been finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the length of my hair due to split ends but now I have hope.
Price : INR 80 for 90 ml each.
Packaging : The bottles are easy to hold on to while in the shower with a flip open top. The shampoo and conditioner bottles are  different in color making it easier to differentiate between the two. I think these bottles should be fitted with easier to use pumps instead of the flip open tops. 
Split Hair Dont Care - TRESemme Split Hair Repair
Smell : It has a beautiful subtle soapy scent that makes your hair feel cared for and clean instantly.I get a neat whiff of it every now and then throughout the day of wash.
                                Split Hair Dont Care - TRESemme Split Hair Repair     
Effect : The formula lathers easily and leaves the scalp clean without peeling away all the moisture from your hair. I have used it for a week now and my hair feels smooth on touch especially the ends. I have been noting a significant decrease in the frizz factor as well. I tried just air drying my hair after using the product and was able to style it surprisingly well into a high ponytail.   
Well ,what can I say ..... I guess its a start of a new relationship.
TRESemme Split Hair Shampoo + conditioner c/o  TRESemme via

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