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Splash Colors And Style In Your Home With Moroccan Style Decor

By Ekenoz @ekenoz
Moroccan style is classy, vibrant, colorful and unique. The unique carvings, mother of pearl inlays, mosaics, Moroccan Décor, here’s what you can do to bring that Moroccan charm in your home.

Splash Colors And Style In Your Home With Moroccan Style Decor

Moroccan Decor

and beautiful Arabic geometric patterns can make anyone go crazy about them. Even a hint of Moroccan style is enough to add that wow factor in your room. So, if you too are a fan of
•  Colors used in Moroccan style décor are quite rich; therefore, make sure to add lot of bright colors to your walls. You may choose vibrant colors like blue, green, orange, red etc. This style draws colors from nature and landscapes of Morocco. If you don’t like overdoing things, you may also use shades of teal and yellow.
•  Rich textures and patterns is the USP of Moroccan Style interior design, making it look really sophisticated and classy. Therefore, make sure the fabrics that you use for your curtains, sofas and cushions have rich colors and textures. To add that extra oomph in your Moroccan style home, you can even use Moroccan style poufs that are made of soft leather and have beautiful designs on them.
•  Exquisite, ethnic, hand-crafted furniture adorned with beautiful patterns and intricate carvings is the specialty of Moroccan style décor. Moroccan furniture like poufs, dressing tables, Moroccan tables etc. come in many shapes and patterns. Some of the wooden and metallic furniture is also decorated with delicate mother of pearl inlays and mosaics, giving it a magical charm which is unique to Moroccan style furniture. Add Moroccan style tables and side tables to your home décor, to add that quaint, magical Middle Eastern charm to your home.
•  To create the perfect ambience and atmosphere inside your Moroccan inspired home, you can add Moroccan lights. Moroccan Lights will not just lighten up your rooms but also, your mood.
•  To complete the overall look of your Moroccan inspired home, you can place Moroccan coffee table or Moroccan Chess Table in a corner. They not just look great but also are very useful when you sit and enjoy light moments with your friends and loved ones.
Once you have the right furniture and accessories for your home, creating the perfect magic with Moroccan style shouldn’t be difficult for you. Ekenoz is a locally owned and operated Egyptian family company that offers exquisite Moroccan style products. The company sells only the best, hand-made products that are great in style and unmatched with fans world over. For beautiful and authentic Moroccan style furniture and lamps, visit Ekenoz at - http://www.ekenoz.com/.

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