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Moroccan Lighting - Luxury On Budget

By Ekenoz @ekenoz
Luxury is an impression that can be carefully cultivated even on a limited budget. Luxury is not just about getting expensive decorative pieces for your home décor; it’s more about getting the nuances right through light, display and feel.
Moroccan Lightingis one way of bringing opulence and glamour into your home without spending a fortune. They not just look beautiful but also, complete an interior and make homes cozier, warmer, and more welcoming. So, if you are looking to give your home a classy look without spending much, then here’s what you need to do.
·   Light it rightOften, homes done up on budget use tubelights or other ordinary lights that cast unflattering light and highlight the problem areas of a home. So, spare your interiors the torture and decorate your home with Moroccan lights instead.

Moroccan Lighting - Luxury On Budget

Moroccan Pendant Lights

Moroccan lights are available in many varieties-from delightful floor lamps, to enticing lanterns; from opulent chandeliers to intricately designed Moroccan pendant lights, there’s something for every home. Try layering the light in the room by having table and floor lamps in strategic corners. Also, you can accentuate your walls using appropriate wall and ceiling fixtures.·   Use accent lighting to create a focal pointAccent lighting adds brilliant shimmer to make your special objects, paintings, sculptures, and outstanding architectural features stand out. Use a bulb that’s no more than three times as bright as the surrounding general light to highlight those special features of your home décor.·   Create a special cornerYou can create a cozy conversation area either indoors or outdoors. Simply, refurbish an old furniture to make it look grand. Place some potted plants in bright ceramic or metallic containers to add life to your special corner. Try jazzing up an old center table or wooden chest with mirrored mosaic. Don’t forget to glam up your interiors with beautiful Moroccan lights that cast interesting shadows with Moorish patterns.·   Accessorize smartYou don’t have to go over the top with accessories to make your home look luxurious. Mix and match things and try blending high-end products with cost effective products to create your own unique style. Just a Moroccan style furniture or a beautiful table lamp in a corner is enough to jazz up your Moroccan home décor
When it comes to beautiful luxurious looking interiors, smart shopping is the key. So, shop smart by visiting Ekenoz’s online store and find beautiful Moroccan items at unbelievable prices. To know more, visit-http://www.ekenoz.com/.

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