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How To Use Moroccan Lighting To Add Life To Your Home Décor

By Ekenoz @ekenoz

How To Use Moroccan Lighting To Add Life To Your Home Décor

Moroccan Home Decor

Ever wondered why we feel depressed and gloomy in a dark room whereas, we feel happy on a bright, sunny day? It happens because human mood is greatly affected by light. Therefore, by making proper use of light in your home you can not just stay in a positive mood always but also, can create a magical ambiance to any space in your home or office. In typical Moroccan Home Décor, lighting has always been used to create various styles and moods. So, if you too want to give your interiors a cool makeover using lights, then here’s what you need to know.
•  Lights recessed into the ceilings of cabinetry provide subtle light sources that liven up your room and don’t irritate your eyes.
•  Illuminate dark areas: Wall lights can be a great help if there are darker areas in your rooms and corridors. Make sure your staircases and corridors are well lit to give your home a lively and inviting feel. To give your home décor a quaint touch you may use Moroccan lamps like-Moroccan Brass Wall Lamp Sconce Lighting, available at Ekenoz’s website.
•  Candles are always great for creating a casual or even romantic atmosphere. There are some specially designed light bulbs that stimulate the light that comes from candles. You can easily find many interesting options like Moroccan Candle Lantern at Ekenoz’s website.
•  The primary purpose of your bed-room and living room is to relax or socialize, so avoid having too much glare in these areas, or your eyes will never get chance to relax. For subtle yet stylish lighting in these areas you may use Moroccan lanterns like-Moroccan Chandelier Lantern. It will not just up the style quotient of your room but will also, create perfect ambience to sit and have fun conversations with your loved ones.
•  If you want to accent architectural elements in your home such as a fireplace mantel, you can do so by track lighting.
By making proper use of lights we cannot just accentuate the best features of our home but also hide its flaws. Therefore, we must give lighting a careful thought while designing our homes. We should choose our accessories and products wisely and buy them only from a trusted source like Ekenoz. Ekenoz is a top-notch company selling the best and unique Moroccan style products.
Ekenoz is a locally owned and operated Egyptian family company that offers exquisite Moroccan style products like Moroccan tables, Moroccan lamps, poufs etc. All the products are hand-made, which means each and every product is unique and full of Moroccan charm. To know more, visit- http://www.ekenoz.com/.

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