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Spirits Up...It's Monday!

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
     Spirits Up...It's Monday!
Happy MONDAY Shiners & Shinettes!  I hope that everyone has had a great weekend.
SPIRITS UP ladies & gents!  Yes, it is Monday, and for many Monday is full of dread even beginning from the start of Sunday morning.  Trust me I totally understand how you may feel because I used to be one of those people.  Nevertheless, I said that I would not let the trials of a single day steal my thunder! (Humph…Its mine-mine, all mine dang it)
For many, Monday’s mean, drama from the alarm clock going off, being stuck in traffic, being late for work, to that annoying person on the job.  Yeah…I have been there as well. Well from this day forward, I say let’s change the way we think about Monday.  Darlings we have >>>LIFE<<< and NOTHING trumps that.   Spirits Up...It's Monday!
First things first, let’s not speak life into having a bad Monday.  I feel that this is where many go wrong.  I know-I know the weekends do go by pretty quickly, but cursing Monday is not helping when its 6am and we have to start the day.Trust me I know all about the foolery that is dying to wreak havoc on the rest of our day and it will if we let it!  Well it’s time to check the dreaded Monday blues and get out spirits wayyyy up!
Let’s try a few things before we start shall we the day!
Let’s get our spirits up!  I think by putting ourselves in good spirits will set the tone of the day.  I love uplifting music first thing when I wake in the morning.  With that, let’s add positive words and a pretty cool outfit!  (Wink)  For me, best way to have a good Monday and get through it without the dread, is to affirm that nothing will shake my positive spirit.  I know by this time, we are at work and the shenanigans will begin. 
I know the morning meeting is about to start, let’s ignore the office butt kisser, and repeat:”I will NOT be totally annoyed during this meeting.  No, I do not want to be here but I am setting the tone of my day.  Next, fake it!  Yes I said it…this IS MONDAY we are talking about here!  Even if you see that the foolery that makes you dread Monday rising, fake it, dip, & dodge the best way you can.  If you have to avoid some folks, smile when you don’t feel like it and do it all while keeping your spirits up! 
All it takes is one person, or situation, and it can be all over before it starts.  Do not allow that to happen!! Take a deep breath and repeat: I am in charge of how MY day will go and end; I will NOT let anyone steal my bleepin’ thunder!  Even when you say that…your spirits should be up because you are now owning your Monday.  
So who’s got this…YOU do! Why because you TOTALLYYYY own Monday! 
Spirits Up...It's Monday!
Do you dread Monday's?  If so how do you make the best of it?
Ms. Positivity <3

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