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Spirits Up-Give Back to Yourself!

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
Spirits Up-Give Back to Yourself!
Hey-Hey, good morning Shiners & Shinettes!
It is Monday, a new day, and an open door to be awesome all week long!
This Monday’s post is short and sweet…well at least I think so!
Today’s post is about giving back to yourself, being the best you that YOU can be.  Do not dull your shine by trying to be like another, each of you are a Rock Star all of your own. 
So many times, I see that many will say, “Oh I can’t stand them” or “how is it that they have this or that” When we have these thoughts, we take so much away from ourselves.  Being in competition dulls us, and we may never be able to get that shine back; because it is hard once, that habit has started.  
Give yourself back your shine; give yourself back your blessings!  Do not allow yourself to be robbed of what is rightfully yours.  We have to dig deep and be happy with whom we are and what we look like.  Be happy with what WE have. 
It is time to give back to ourselves.  It is time to give ourselves a chance to really live and not through others.  Give Back! Make a deposit today, deposit positivity back into your life.
Spirits Up-Give Back to Yourself!
Its Monday…Be awesome!  Make that positive deposit today!

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By Neha Kapoor
posted on 24 February at 12:36

Wow thanks for this article. It's just what I needed to hear!