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Spills – R/Futurebeats Mix Series Vol. 10

Posted on the 04 July 2013 by Audiocred @audiocred

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That avatar of electronic hipsterdom, VICE Magazine, recently debuted its new electronic music site: THUMP. While still featuring plenty of VICE-style gossip and annoyingly snarky internet blogshit, the site has done a good job of covering electronic music that’s not just on the EDM/festival/Baauer-knockoff circuit. (This great interview with Chicago juke/footwork pioneer RP Boo more or less solidified my favor.)

THUMP has been featuring the mixological work of DJ and producer Spills – “a producer who’s deeply involved in the Reddit community r/futurebeats” – for several weeks. On this outing, Spills mixes the best of new and old: from J Dilla to Salva to Rodrigo y Gabriela, Volume 10 is 25 minutes of deeply grooving bangers. There’s less glitch and stutter here than there is a sort of sideways approach to groove: short, repetitive melodies, heavy drums, lots of repetition. It’s the sort of mix that encourages a sort of trance-like intensity in the listener.

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