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SPIDER-MAN 2099 Series Coming Back This July

Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

Newsarama is reporting that we will soon see the return of Spider-Man 2099!  Miguel O’Hara has been seen around Superior Spider-Man lately and the rumors were that he would be getting his own title, with the confirmation coming today.  The writer of the original Spider-Man 2099 series, Peter David, will be returning to write this one too.

The new Spider-Man 2099 series stars Miguel O’Hara of course as a man out of time, thrust into the past (i.e. the present day Marvel Universe) with a goal to prevent the dark future he came from. Joining O’Hara on this crusade is the writer of the original Spider-Man 2099 series from the 1990s, Peter David, and artist Will Sliney from Fearless Defenders.

“Miguel is now trapped in the present day Marvel Universe, so straight away we have to deal with the fact that in the greatest of Marvel traditions, we have a hero out of time,” Sliney says, referring to Captain America who was frozen in the 1940s and awaked in modern times. “I’m looking forward to drawing that iconic costume in the surroundings of some of New York’s gritty and textured looking neighborhoods.”

Spider-Man 2099 was the best of the 2099 books, in my opinion, so I am happy to see it return with David in tow.  What about you?  Excited to see another Spider-Man in the Marvel U?

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