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Spending Challenge

By Bethtinkerbell @TinksLostGirls
I have decided to give myself a spending challenge aka I’m to stop spending mainly because I majorly need to start saving up especially as I’ve decided that I need to get a new camera, along with the fact I should have been saving up for a new car for quite a while yet and I’ve also got very little saved up towards moving out.
I’m putting a ban on pretty much all spending, so expect to see a number of wish list posts as I work my way through this. I’m going to challenge myself to 8 weeks of no spending, though there will be a few exceptions. I would have loved to do the 100 day challenge which I’ve seen on other people’s blogs but I think it’s best to start off small.
Exceptions to the rule:
-   Birthday presents -   Plus North -   50 shades of grey trilogy
I’m going to tell you why I have chosen these exceptions. I think I have bought all the birthday presents which will be needed in these 8 weeks but I’ve put that there just in case I’ve forgotten any because I am always well prepared and my friends would be in shock if I didn’t have a present for a birthday. Plus North is a fairly obvious one, there’s no way I can go to such a wonderful event without a single bit of spending money and hopefully I will spend wisely. The 50 shades of grey trilogy is on the list mainly because I’ve been looking for them before I started my ban so I think it’s only fair that I’m able to pick them up especially as everyone keeps talking about them. I have asked my sister and her boyfriend to try and pick them up while they are out tonight seeing as I couldn’t find them in our local supermarkets.
The only things I’m really allowing myself to spend is the money for petrol because in theory I should manage perfectly well without spending money on anything else even if it does mean I may have to hibernate and not visit any shops. I am still allowing myself to spend money on essentials and anything which isn't clothes or beauty related.
My self imposed spending ban or challenge starts tomorrow 15th June until 10th August, and I really am going to need some strong will power.
Saturday will be my first test as I’m popping into Blackburn to take some stuff back to Primark and I’m sure that while we’re there my mum will want to do some shopping, hopefully I’ll be able to avoid looking so then I won’t see anything to tempt me.

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