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Spend the Weekend on Budget

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx

With weekend round the corner, a silent sigh of relief escapes my soul.
It is often a topic of discussion how the monthly budget slips the most over the weekend. Whatever be your weekend mantra (shopping, movies, eating out, all of it), the weekend is when the consumer contributes most to the country's economy.
There are some fateful weekends which we wish to keep subtle. When we do not want our bank balance to shrink, and still feel recuperated for the coming week in office.
Here is my list of things that you can take up for a weekend-like-that.

  • Check the newspaper for television listings and catch up on stuff playing on the television ( I am personally a movie marathons person, thanks to the new age time-shift television)
  • Pick a hobby - something you can do on a recurring basis, and needs little investment, like photography, gardening, cooking or dancing.
  • Organize (or clean) those corners the neglected areas in your home - these are usually the ones which belong to no one in particular and are not in everyday sight. Like the storage cupboard.
  • Give your maid an off, and cook. Cooking gratifies instantly, and your family is going to love you. If not, you can kiss your own hands. 
  • Volunteer for something you feel deeply for. Teaching your domestic helps' children can make a big difference to their lives.
  • Shine yourself, and do some beauty rituals at home.

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