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Speeding: Far From Harmless

Posted on the 07 March 2013 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

Everyone speeds. When the highway is clear, why stick to the speed limit when you can cut minutes off of your commute time? Even though speeding is against the law, people tend to make excuses for it because when it doesn’t result in a negative outcome, time is saved. However, there is no excuse for putting yourself and others in danger. If you don’t mind your drivers speeding in your vehicles because it gets them to job sites quicker, you need to take some more things into consideration.Burn out

Speeding makes your company look bad

When your branded vehicles are seen speeding, your company’s name is attached to that. Keep the talk about your company’s fleet positive by making sure your drivers are courteous and respectful of speed limits.

Danger to Other Drivers and Pedestrians

It goes without saying that speeding is dangerous to other patrons on the road. At higher speeds, vehicles are more difficult to control and stop times increase the faster you are traveling. Don’t let your drivers be the ones speeding by and passing the vehicles in the left lane.

Waste of Gas

Speeding greatly lowers your fuel efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy says the average vehicle performs best at 55 miles per hour. Anything higher than that and your fuel efficiency drops. Your vehicle gets less efficient the faster you go.

Increased Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle

Speeding really takes a toll on your vehicle- especially your tires. Speeding increases the risk of bald tires, slow leaks, and blowouts. It’s important to keep your tires and vehicle in good shape for both safety and cost concerns. While replacing bald tires can be expensive, blowing a tire is both expensive and dangerous.

Speeding Tickets Aren’t Cheap

The average cost of a speeding ticket in the US is $150. Not only this, but if your drivers are convicted of a speeding offense, your insurance premiums can and will increase. The government doesn’t do this to be mean or evil, but simply because of the fact that…

Accidents While Speeding are Lethal

The cardinal reason to deter your drivers from speeding is that it is the contributing factor in 31% of all fatal crashes. It is a big undertaking to replace your vehicle, but you can never replace a person. Your employees can be infuriating when they are misusing your vehicles by speeding or doing side jobs, however, they are your most precious cargo. Ruling out speeding in your vehicles is not just a money saver, but also a life saver. Your employees can’t argue with that!

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