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Speech Transition Words Examples List

Posted on the 28 December 2016 by Lifecoachbloggers
Good speech presentation is one of the seven vital elements of effective presentation skills. PRIDE (pronounced PRIDE) is one such acronym that can help presenters and public speakers to memorize a list of creative speech transitions examples and tips.
Deliver speech transitions using PRIDE acronym that stands for:
1. Popular people, place and things

Speech Transitions Words, Phrases, Examples List

Speech Transitions Words, Phrases,
Examples List

2. Personalized transitions
3. Rhetoric devices
4. Rapport building phrases
5. Imagine, suppose, what if statements
6. Dialogues
7. Examples

Popular Personalities Grab Attention

Introducing famous personalities not only helps in gaining trust from the audience but also makes the content more interesting.
"Even Steve Jobs believed interpersonal skills is as important as technical skills"
"Robert Bosch, a popular Businessman in Germany, believed quality is the prime factor for any successful business"

Speech Transition Design with Personalized Elements

Some of the ways to personalize a transition is to use the name of the audience, quote instances of the participants, using words that are specific to the group.

Personalized transitions examples:

"I heard most of you are from electrical engineering background. So I am sure this survey results will excite you"
"I found that Mr. Jack, one of our participants today, has already pursued a Doctorate on the subject that we are going to discuss. Mr Jack, can you tell your experience about this topic"

Rhetorical Devices bring Elegance and Tone to the Speech

Rhetorical devices, also called language devices, brings curiosity, adds humor, and brings tone and emotion to the speech transition. Some common rhetorical devices include Simili, Metaphor and personification

Using Rhetorical Device in a transition

"Life is like a flying bird, the higher you go the better vision you get" (Simili)
"My Mr.Projector, what harm did I do you? Why are not working?" (Presenter says when the projector doesn't work) (Personification)

Rapport Building is using Relationship building Words, Phrases and Statements

Simple yet powerful words like, Thank you, Please, you're welcome" can build good relationship with the audience. It also enhances the interpersonal skills the speaker.
Examples of Rapport Building Statements:"I respect your time. Thanks for attending the session"
"Can we all assemble in that corner for a small activity, please?"
"I am very happy to see that almost everyone participated in the activity. Thank you so much"

Words like IMAGINE, kindle the Creative Thinking

One of the elements of a good verbal communication is using good speech transitions, especially use of words. Words like imagine, suppose, if, can create interest and keep the audience active both physically and mentally.
"Imagine what would happen cell phones were not invented"
"Suppose, one of you was given an opportunity to go abroad, which destination would you choose"
A Creative speech transitions will have Dialogues instead of Monologues
Dialogues add color to speech and make the presentation interesting. Speaker can replace the monologues with dialogues.
For ExampleInstead of saying,
"We visited our clients last month and they told us that our approach is good and they are willing to give new tasks next month",

Converting the above statement into an internal dialogue:

"We visited our clients last month and they said, 'we are very happy about your approach and we are happy to inform you that another tasks is planned for you next month. Keep up the good work'"This brings the customer character into the conversation making the business presentation more alive.

Giving Appropriate Examples add Value to the Presentation Content

Examples are facts. It narrows a theory in to a realty. In fact, this article itself tries to give examples on each sub topic to show the practical usage of each point that is been discussed.
Besides having a good introduction and an appealing conclusion, a great presentation should also attract the audience with creative transition ideas. PRIDE mnemonic summarizes the basics of creative transition ideas so that the speaker can keep this acronym in the long term memory while designing any power point presentation.

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