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Speck iGuy Case Review

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

We were sent a Speck iGuy case to review and I have to say I love this little guy.  The kids love playing with the iPad yet I am always in 37458 b Speck iGuy Case Reviewa panic mode in case they drop it. The kids now have something to hold that isn’t the screen and even their friends have asked where they can get one.

Its a great invention.

Perfect companion for the whole family

Speck brings you the greatest accessory for your iPad 4/3/2 and the best companion for your family. iGuy is a gentle free-standing foam case who will stand at attention ready for you to play. Pick him up and squeeze his foam arms and legs or take him with you to ensure your iPad 4/3/2 is protected.

Perfect for children

iGuy is perfect for the iPad 4/3/2 when being used by excited children. iGuy has a huggable soft body with large arms and legs to create a drop resistant case and a far easier case for young children to hold and interact with.

Drop-tested design to give the best level of protection to your iPad 

iGuy has been taken through the rigours of Speck’s drop tests inorder to give the best certified protection for your iPad 4/3/2. This means that next time your iPad 4/3/2 is left in the hands of kids you don’t have to any worry that your iPad 4/3/2 will come back in worst condition.

Free-standing case that creates a lot of fun for children and adults

37458 a Speck iGuy Case Review

iGuy is a free-standing case for you iPad 4/3/2 so you can set him up on any desk and table and watch your favorite films and videos at a convient viewing angle whilst iGuy obediently stands to attention.

Created and designed for the iPad 4/3/2 

Speck have created iGuy specifically for theiPad 4/3/2 so the fit is perfect. However the case also features cut out sections so you can still access the function buttons and charging ports of your iPad 4/3/2.

If you’re looking for an iPad Mini case, Mobile Fun has iGuys for the Mini too

I think you will agree they are rather adorable.

 Speck iGuy Case Review

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