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Special Valentine with Love One-

By Simplytadka1
Valentine is very special day for everyone with lots of fantasy and imagination going on in our mind and heart for our soul mates or love ones and first valentine is more special in everyone’s life. This time I want to celebrate valentine in my style with my love mate…. Feeling so excited and energetic but nothing planned yet means what to do and how to do. Should I arrange candle light dinner or give her some surprise diamond ring or do something more craziest thing. But these are all the common things to do, which everyone might be thinking, the thing I wanted to do was to make her feel special very special..... I want to do something more special. Suddenly a magical and bright light comes from stars and took the shape of two beautiful souls connected by a heart…. Special Valentine with Love One- It was magical everywhere and within few moments everything was back to normal. The night sky with a few twinkling stars. But something was different and I felt that difference within me, but wasn't sure I didn't even known what the difference was but everything was clear as soon as the clock striking 12 and the date changed to 14 Feb. So finally the day is coming, Valentine Day.
I was in a world of dreams “a magical world” with a sound saying your love gave you this special power but only for the Valentine. Ab powers to mili but woh hai kya.......?? with all these my mind was also wondering about my love I was just wondering if she is coming  on a unicorn from the heaven, as she is not less than a princess of heaven for me. And guess what, My imagination became true she was coming exactly the way I was thinking. Suddenly something hit my mind that place was empty nothing was arranged to surprise her or make her feel special. I was just wondering if that place could be filled up with heart shaped balloons of red and white color and it happened. I realised that whatever I imagine became true that is my magical power at dream world. So after realising my powers of imagination I didn't plan my imagination rather to imagine things randomly on the spot and those things happened just like that..... She was with me, just her and me and all those balloons and no one to disturb us. I came on to my knees along with the ring embedded with diamonds and asked her will you be my valentine and as soon as she blinked her eyes to say yes, rose petals were everywhere just as it was the rain of rose petals and all I saw, her eyes saying to me that you are making me feel so special. She hugged me and her eyes closed slowly and when she open her eyes we were on a cruise in the sea, and I threw a matchstick in the sea and there were flames all around making a heart shape all around our cruise, and on the cruise were two of us, just two of us looking each other with love and affection and then Booooomm....... The cruise vanished and it was us in the heart of flames. She asked if we could walk together near to the boundary of those flames, and all I did was hold her hands and say not near to the flames lets walk on the flames, while walking she was telling me about how special and blessed she was feeling and all I did was listening her and looking into her eyes and thinking about “abhi to aur bhi bahot special feel karna hai life mein” and then we were just going to complete our 5th round and a few steps before everything changed and we were just a few steps from the top of the Eiffel tower. On the top of Eiffel, was whole decorated with balloons and roses along with a candlelight dinner with two glasses and red wine of her taste, “Aur humne ek dusre ko apne haatho se khilaya”, everything going on so beautifully.
Suddenly my mom waked me up and said you’re getting late. She knew about us and then I realised everything was a dream but my valentine and feeling for her was the common between the dream and reality. I gave a bouquet of red roses and a small gift of handmade scrap book wrapped with passionate love to express my special moments which we were spent together and looking into each other’s eyes, felt to so special and plan to go for candlelight dinner in cruise. That’s the way I celebrate my day… a very special day “Valentine Day”. This article is completely based on fantasy and imagination, written for Baggout's Blogging Contest on Valentine's Day. Baggout provides the awesome deals on Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal, Amazon, Ebay and more than 100+ other online stores.  Enter your email address:
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