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Special Edition Vans Hi-top Sneakers + 15th Anniversary Playing Card + Poster Nearly Sold out in 24 Hours |

By Dotpattern @collectinghobby .:. Toby Morse or Toby 1's Photos - FREE Deck of these H2O Playing Cards with VANS and Signed Poster!
Image of H2O X Vans Vans Japan produce these limited H2O hi-top's to celebrate the anniversary of our first record release ([the band's name is H2O] 1996 Blackout Records). These sneakers are extremely limited and we only have 75 pair available for sale in the US. Each pair comes with a poster signed by the band and a deck of cards. Special Edition Vans hi-top sneakers + 15th Anniversary playing card + poster nearly sold out in 24 hours |

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