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By Shauntee @shaunteebattie


 How long should you wait before you say there’s no chemistry? I mean for some it’s an instant connection, you lock eyes, and you feel something but you’re unsure what it is. As you continue to get to know the person the feeling intensifies and you begin to feel the butterflies, you smile at the thought of the person and even a simple text saying “hello” makes your day. You feel you can be yourself and you can talk about any and everything and when you kiss it’s like fireworks going off in your head. How long should you continue to see a person knowing that there is no spark at all? Some say attraction grows and if possible you should try to maintain a friendship just to establish a mutual bond and maybe the sparks will come later. Others say that without sparks there’s no attraction and therefore no chemistry, you can have things in common and you can have the same relationship goals but somewhere something is missing.

 The universe is strange sometimes, because you can feel the sparks for someone that doesn’t meet your needs or their simply at a different stage of their life than you are. Meanwhile you meet someone who’s nice, funny, have the same relationship goals, and a few other things you look for and there’s simply no fireworks at all even though they seem to really like you. Personally, chemistry and sparks are important to me and the fire should never be put out. I don’t care if I’m 80 years old on a walker, I will do what I need to do to keep the fire burning! If I have to drop it like it hot while using my walker for support then so be it! Now I may have to hit the medic alert and scream “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” but you better believe somebody will be happy :)

 I believe in giving people a chance and dating to see where things lead but ultimately I know in a few short hours whether or not I will feel the type of chemistry and attraction I need to consider someone for the long haul. Unfortunately, the dating pool is limited in the quality department so I will admit I’ve gone out with people more times than I should’ve simply because their a nice person but honestly, it’s not fair to me or that person. I turned down an all expenses paid trip to Vegas this weekend simply because there is and will never be a spark between us, which goes back to what I mentioned earlier, it’s always the one you feel nothing for that wants to sweep you off your feet.  I need the fire, the sparks, the flames, and I want to blow up like Fire Marshall Bill in an episode of In Living Color! I want the fire department to come put my ass out! Without 4th of July fireworks there can be no July 5th………

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