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Southwest Airplane Pilot Rages About Not Getting Laid, Grannies & Homosexuals

Posted on the 23 June 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright
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A Southwest pilot had all he could stand and couldn’t take anymore as he launched into an emotionally charged rant, where he complained about his lack of luck in getting laid in Chicago, the “party city”. During the pilot’s tirade, he bashed everyone from married stewardesses, “homosexual” stewards and grannies.

Even when other pilots and those navigating the airways bothered to interrupt the enraged pilot, he still kept on commenting on how he was fed up and tired of not having his pecker serviced that he felt the need to share it with his co-pilot.

Excerpt via Black Media Scoop:

“Eleven f***ing over the top homosexuals f***ing a** f***ing homosexuals and a granny,” the pilot complained in a rant that was inadvertently broadcast to air traffic controllers in Houston and others in the area. “Eleven! I mean, think of the odds of that!”

The FAA was alerted by air traffic controller and the pilot was suspended until he completed diversity training. Unlike others that have been getting in trouble recently in the press, the LGBT media has not weighed in on this airplane controversy.

At the same time, no word on whether his ability to get laid has improved. Loved when the other pilots chime in letting everyone know that it wasn’t them acting a fool.

Houston Pilot Caught on Tape by Christina Warren

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