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Soundtrack Pick : Rushmore (1998)

Posted on the 14 October 2014 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround


Sometimes you got so overwhelmed with the amount of movies you should watch, with such minimum time to watch anything. Somehow I picked Rushmore (1998). I thought maybe a movie by Wes Anderson could give a little fresh feeling. I was surprised how Anderson can make a film a little less about beauty and the chaotic days of being a teenager. I got the feeling that the story was based on his own experience, and it is half true, the fact that he wrote the story with Owen Wilson (and his own experience too). I find it a little bit strange how in the story, a guy can be such an overachiever while failing his grades at the same time. But I still find Rushmore entertaining to watch. It was the days when Anderson was less acknowledged and before he used grander music like he did today collaborating with Alexander Desplat.

The oldies music somehow works in my ears. I hope you find it pleasant too :

The Creation – Making Time
Here Comes My Baby – Cat Stevens
A Summer Song – Chad & Jeremy

Full Soundtrack list :

  1. “Hardest Geometry Problem in the World” – Mark Mothersbaugh
  2. “Making Time” – The Creation
  3. “Concrete and Clay” – Unit 4 + 2
  4. “Nothin’ in the World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl” – The Kinks
  5. “Sharp Little Guy” – Mark Mothersbaugh
  6. “The Lad With the Silver Button” – Mark Mothersbaugh
  7. “A Summer Song” – Chad & Jeremy
  8. “Edward Appleby (In Memoriam)” – Mark Mothersbaugh
  9. “Here Comes My Baby” – Cat Stevens
  10. “A Quick One While He’s Away” – The Who
  11. “Snowflake Music” (from Bottle Rocket) – Mark Mothersbaugh
  12. “Piranhas Are a Very Tricky Species” – Mark Mothersbaugh
  13. “Blinuet” – Zoot Sims
  14. “Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends” – Mark Mothersbaugh
  15. “Rue St. Vincent” – Yves Montand
  16. “Kite Flying Society” – Mark Mothersbaugh
  17. “The Wind” – Cat Stevens
  18. “Oh Yoko!” – John Lennon
  19. “”Ooh La La”” – Faces
  20. “Margaret Yang’s Theme” – Mark Mothersbaugh


Readers, do you love the movie or the soundtrack?

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