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Soul Connection Question….

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

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How important is it to have a soul connection in a relationship?


A connection that strikes the cords in you are the soul.. what changes after that is the translation into thought. Ever felt that blissful feeling in the beginning of a relationship and then it dies out.. What happened is you were in with your soul completely in the moment. Never allowing past or future to be there.. Your being completely present was the soul surfacing. At some point whether months later, sometimes years later, sometimes some have only days in this state. The mental awareness tries to come in to interpret what is being experienced. This mental capacity will only find ways to seek, compare, what if, or what was, and where it will be in the future this takes away from the experience because it is as though you left the connection to make it something your mind needs to have in the way that the mind seeks your survival. All things content to include the story you state you are which gives you permission inside yourself to pick apart and interpret into thought what you felt. This is not the workings of the soul.. the soul was very present, it was what you translated into thought which caused the very thing that misinterprets the essence of your soul and it’s ability to connect.


what I am referring to is the energy that happens within connection to relationship of any kind… The soul permits the energy in any relationship to all things.. It’s as it is, usually lost in translation.


Friend: As in losing an aspect to self?


When you just have the feeling of someone without any mental capacity and you smile without any thinking.. Is this not the soul shinning through.. Even to try and point to this is how we keep content over connection. Self is identity, soul is not.. it can be seen clearly in action not in what the action represents into words but brought about by thought which is like taking the color from a colorful picture. Not the same as the experience. Have you ever wanted something or someone and when you got it something in your mind translated this isn’t what I thought it was going to be.. That is a clear example of what the mind does that the soul doesn’t have any use for.. the identity of the self does….


The soul is always primary it’s your thoughts about it that make it secondary..

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