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Soriano Nel Cimino, Italy

By Tdominici
Soriano nel Cimino, ItalyPainting: Soriano nel Cimino, Year 2011, Medium: Acrylic, Commissioned
We visited  Soriano nel Cimino twice and stayed at friends house.
Soriano is in Lazio, about one hour north of Rome. Soriano is built on a hill dominated by the Castello Orsini.  It is a medieval town and the narrow, winding, cobble stone streets lend themselves to some wonderful exploring. The large central Piazza is the hub of village life.  
There are several churches and church bells ring frequently. The town is built on a hilltop and has winding narrow roads and lots of steps. The train track actually goes under the town and out the other side of the hill.
Every year, during the first two weeks of October, Soriano nel Cimino hosts a festival that surrounds the chestnut harvest. This festival is done on a large scale, and attracts thousands of people from surrounding areas, including Rome. The two main events of the Sagra are the Palio and the Corteo Storico. 

Soriao nel Cimino 

Video by: Riccardo Borghesi

 Soriano nel Cimino è un bellissimo paese del Viterbese ed immerso nei Monti Cimini.

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