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The Trip to Capri Was Memorable

By Tdominici
The island of Capri is absolutely beautiful and worth seeing, it was our second trip there. Capri Postcard Capri Postcard by tdominici Make postcard designs on  Capri is only four miles long by two miles wide and very mountainous. The highest point is almost 600 metres above sea level and can be shrouded in cloud while the rest of the island enjoys the hot Mediterranean sun. There are many caves and impressive cliffs throughout this hilly island. Here is a list of some of the famous sighting to see on the island of Capri: Anacapri is the second biggest settlement on the island, and not so infested with ‘the glamorous scene’ as Capri town is. Must see is the Casa Rosso, a free museum located in an historic house which you can see the permanent exhibition of paintings glorifying the beauties of Capri island as well as Roman statues found in the Blue Grotto. The Church of San Michele in Anacapri is famous for its beautiful majolica floors showing the scene of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden. The Natural Arch is believed to have been formed from a cave after an earthquake more than 2 million years ago. Its shape has changed over the centuries due to rain and wind erosion. The arch measures some 200 metres high and can be located at the eastern side of the island.  The Museum-House of Villa San Michele is Anacapri's most visited tourist attraction and is located just a few meters from Piazza Vittoria, central square of Anacapri, at the end of a characteristic shopping street and enjoying breathtaking cliff edge views over Capri. The Blue Grotto is probably the most famous natural attraction of the isle of Capri. On a great spur of rock almost directly above the Grotta Azzurra, Tiberius' Villa Damecuta is one of Anacapri's most visited sites. The summit of monte Solaro is the highest point of Capri (589 meters/2062 feet) and provides breathtaking views over the bay of Naples and Salerno.  Migliera  an enchanting pathway which winds its ways through woods and vineyards to one of the island's most spectacular viewing points. Augustus Gardens (Via Krupp)  - Flower festooned terraces overlooking the Faraglioni, and a spectacular path carved into the cliffs. Faraglioni three massive sea stacks sculpted by the wind and sea, and the symbol of Capri. Marina Piccola the bay home to famous beach clubs and fish restaurants with view of the Faraglioni. Marina Grande the busy port of Capri offers visitors their first taste of life on the magical island.

 Capri, Italy Video by: Dennis Callan Capri's Blue Grotto, a sea cave with glowing blue water, shining with a brilliant light. Other sights include the communities of Anacapri, Capri and Marina Grande.

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