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Sony Won't Make Xperia Play 2

Posted on the 01 June 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

xperia play
Sony Xperia Play is one handset that is different from most smartphones on the market because it has a gamepad dedicated enthusiasts who spoil the game. The later one is rumored to be questioned and the possibility of this handset is the successor to the Xperia Play 2, which unfortunately, according to Sony it will not materialize. Sony will not make a successor for Sony Xperia Play prefer to perform a full integration, with a focus on providing integration experience and Playstation connected to all devices. According to Steve Walker, Chief Marketing Officer of Sony Mobile, all connected devices including your TV, laptop, tablet and smartphone, and all this is what will make a huge difference to the company. Walker said that does not need to release something that is exclusive to entice consumers. Thing to do is offer the experience to be connected together. Steve Walker is the statement attributed to the presence of multiple products that are considered exclusively as the iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S III. Sony won't Make Xperia Play 2 Even so, Walker also expressed his admiration for the other products like Motorola Razr Droid.According to him, when Motorola Razr came out, they were surprised because the product is truly an innovation on the hardware side. Therefore, Sony will continue to focus on these things (innovations) in their upcoming products. source
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