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Sometimes It’s Over Before It Even Starts

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Sometimes It’s Over Before It Even StartsAbout a week or so ago I was out and about and met someone I thought was attractive. Let’s just call this person JT. I was in a hurry so JT offered me the digits and I reluctantly stored it in my phone.  Immediately I could tell that I was dealing with someone younger than myself but I think true maturity lies within the mindset of a person and not the age. I often date younger but not to the point where I enter cougarville. So I kept the number for about a week and then decided to give JT a call. So I dialed the digits and the first thing that raised my eyebrow was that loud music blasting in the background and then someone screamed out “Who Dis”. So when I told JT who I was the response I got was “uh you need to tell me how you look and refresh my memory because it’s been awhile. Yeah, I can see how 6 days would be an extremely long time (scratches head).  Have you really given your number out that much in 6 days? On top of that JT wasn’t that pleasant, so finally I said “you sound busy, you can call me back at the number that registered on your phone in which I got a “yeah OK” reply. I was willing to offer a second chance at redemption, until he called me back at Midnight (booty call hours)…. I’m a part of the working class you don’t call me after a certain time if you don’t know me. That’s just rude! Needless to say, the number no longer exists in my phone.

Years ago I probably would’ve excused or even tried to rationalize this type of behavior. It seems that the older I get the less bullshit I can tolerate and as a result I have really started calling people out on their shit. In fact, I rather not be bothered, if that’s the very best you could do. I think we’ve all at some point tried to rationalize or justify someone’s unacceptable behavior until we have that light bulb moment and realize that this person is really is a jackass. As a result, I have started living by the Maya Angelou quote that states “when someone shows you who they are believe them”. I don’t care how attractive a person is; the looks will become null and void if you possess questionable qualities. Now some may think that JT did nothing wrong but everything from the greeting, to the loud music, to the how you look statement down to the midnight call screams disrespect.  JT didn’t possess enough decency to even ask me how I was doing. Whenever someone speaks to a lady there’s a level of respect that’s required and I can tell you JT didn’t have it. If someone can’t get to know you in a respectable manner than it should be over before it even starts. Get to Steppin!

How many times have you met someone and after one brief conversation you know it’s over?

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