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Someone Who Cares by Three Days Grace.

Posted on the 14 December 2011 by Melodicwisdom

This song really hit home for me after I left college and everyone walked out of my life. I started to realize how selfish people can be. They use you and when they can’t anymore, they’re gone in an instant. I lost every friend I ever had in life and this song couldn’t have expressed the way I was feeling any better.

Someone Who Cares was released in September of 2009 from the band’s third album, Life Starts Now. This is my favorite of their albums and every song seemed to capture my transition into the real world. Even the title. Lead singer Adam Gontier could have been my life narrator for this one.

Unfortunately, the track was never released as a single – the last single from the album was “Lost in You” from February 2011.

In the song, Gontier questions why people don’t seem to care about each other. He feels left out and alone in the world because no one is there for him. He also questions if he’s too blame for everything. In real life, Gontier has developed a great support system – his wife, his band mates, his friends, and his family. But he’s been there, at a state of loneliness, and he uses these experiences to connect with the world.

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