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Someone Else’s Fairytale by E.M. Tippetts

Posted on the 05 April 2012 by Refreshing Reviews @refreshingr
This book costs 77p on Amazon – that in itself is enough togive it a go. The cheap price and fairytale title was all it took for me, and Iwas surprised at what I gained.
Someone Else’s Fairytale is an easy read; something youcould read in the sun, during a break, or for an hour before bed. I couldn’tput it down though. It kept me coming back, yet not in the obsessive way TheHunger Games or similar books do, so I could still do other things during theday.
The story: Chloe Winters is a young girl, with a messed upfamily, who is trying to do well so she can forget about her past. You willlove this character. Her sarcastic replies and actions in certain situations isthe best part of the novel. The novel wouldn’t have worked if the character wasanyone else, which you can probably say about any book, but oh well. When shebecomes friends with a famous actor, Jason Vanderholt, her life changesdramatically as speculations are drawn. Chloe is a strong character, and thisstrength is great to read. She stands by her morals and doesn’t let Jason’sfame determine the relationship. You wish you could help her, although shehandles everything fine on her own.
During this romantic story, there is a darker plot as her pastis made present. You know that something is not right, with the author droppinglittle hints here and there, making you keep reading to find out the mystery.
Aside from this horrifying part, the story is veryrealistic. You will love the characters, especially Lori. You will feelconnected to Chloe, wanting to help her and force things to turn out ok. Youwill be angry at the characters she is angry at. We have all been in at leastone of her situations: heartbreak, loss of friendship, awkward moments when youjust want to run away yet stay at the same time, jealousy… If you know love,you have been there.
Like I said before, this is an easy read and realistic. Itpaces itself out. Sometimes you have to wait for the situation to unfold. Butthis isn’t a bad thing, if anything it is a refreshing break from all-actionromances. I’m not saying this is the best storyline you will read, but theromance is more like real life in a way (aside from the whole fame bit). Youwill want this to happen to you (aside from the heartbreak and horrible past).As you can probably tell there are two sides to this story – romance mixed withdread – but the romance is the majority, so if you want a light book to readthis is the one for you.
I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars, because it kept meentertained and I enjoyed the characters. It is nothing compared to NicholasSparks, or similar authors, yet I think that this author is worth keeping aneye on for future releases. The book is refreshing to read as it is light, evenduring heavy scenes. There is a part near the end that shocked me, although Iprobably should have guessed it.

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