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Gone by Michael Grant

By Refreshing Reviews @refreshingr
What would happen if one minute, in a blink of an eye, everybody over the age of 15 disappeared? How would the remaining children act? Who would look after the babies? And what would they have for tea? This novel explores all of this, and the answers make for a very compelling story. Add in some superpowers that some of the children have developed, and you have a situation screaming "what the hell!"
The only problem with this story line is the fact that it is full of children! Being over the age of 15, I did get a bit bored with the childishness of the characters. However, it is realistic in the sense that they are young! They wouldn't know what to do and, even if the age of disappearance was higher, quite a few young adults would get out of hand if there wasn't any law. That is just society.
I did enjoy the plot of the novel, and all the interweaving characters added something to strengthen the story. The characters are very cleverly portrayed, and the author has to be praised for his ability of creating so many solid characters that make an impact and have a role to play.
By the end of the novel I was bored. The story is great, and I do want to know what happens... But I don't have the uncontrollable urge to get started with the next one. I think that is just me though, and it is a book that needs to be judged for yourself - ironic considering I am reviewing it! I have no experience around children of 14 (the age of the main characters), having no children of my own or any young family members, so I couldn't connect with them as I have with characters in other novels. Even though I did like them, some just annoyed me with their immaturity, even though it is probably how children of that age would act. However, I have heard of many older readers who have thoroughly enjoyed the series, and the writing style is nothing less than very well crafted. So, if you have an understanding of this age group (or are this age yourself!) and enjoy fantasy novels, then this series could be for you.

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