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Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth (plus a Bit About the Film Version)

By Refreshing Reviews @refreshingr
I heard about this series a few years ago; I purchased the books and then forgot about them (the flaw of a Kindle). When the film was released, I put off watching it for as long as I could, much preferring to read the book first. Then after months of delaying, due to not having the actual physical copy of the book to motivate me, I gave in and watched the film. And oh my God am I happy that I did! I was thrown into a world that was unique and cleverly portrayed through the visual effects. The storyline and characters were so strong that I had to find out what happened next after the credits began to roll. This was followed by three days of non-stop reading; with very minimal sleep but maximum awe over what I was reading.
To be honest, I am glad I left it a few years until I had read this series. Why? I think that the story has such a strong moral message overall, that I got to appreciate the depth of it so much more now than I would have previously. And, it just blew all other stories out of the water, that none can compete anymore! I got to experience years of The Hunger Games being my favorite series before this one took over.
So, as you have probably gathered from the film trailer, if you loved The Hunger Games, or anything along that genre, then you will definitely be hooked on this trilogy. It involves; a futuristic society, that is captivating and yet very worrying; a very lovable female protagonist and supporting characters; and a series of events that will have you hooked. Full credit to the author for creating such depth to pretty much everything; her talent is just surreal... I am actually amazed by what she has achieved and how much the characters' and story stuck with me. I walked around the house in a trance for a solid day after finishing the trilogy, unable to return to reality!
I have gone through an emotional journey of discovery from reading this trilogy, and it has left be exhausted but pleased. I recommend it to everyone and anyone. I will now return to my hole, curl up into a ball, and just try to comprehend the masterpiece that is Divergent.  

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